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Sticks & Stones - The Pierces

Monday, October 31, 2011


I didn't finish this film right away. In fact, we tried to watch it earlier last night, but it just wasn't moving fast enough, and wasn't really the kind of movie we were looking for.

I finished the last half of this movie at 5:02am but dated it earlier so that it would end up on Monday's date. While the movie as a whole was not great, it was passable. I'll admit it seemed forced at times and even trite, but I managed to watch the whole thing, even if I was playing Spider Solitaire at the same time.

Even though I thought it was passable, I'm going to say: Watch this at your own risk because you may find you don't like it. If you really believe in possession, then you might find this one slightly (emphasis on slightly) creepy.

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