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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Ward

Okay, I've been barraging the site with movies today, and I will continue to do so throughout Halloween Monday, until roughly 12:01am Tuesday morning, lol! I'll be honest, it might even stretch longer than that! :D

This movie had me hooked from the beginning! It was very well done. They gave you just enough to know what was going on with this girl but kept enough back to make you continue wondering.

Given the short time of 1hr 28min run time, the characters were well defined and seemingly complex. I thought all of the actors did a splendid job. Nothing felt overacted or contrite. The plot had some very cool twists and completely unexpected turns in it!

This is a must see as far as I'm concerned! If you've seen it and want to chat, please be kind and not give away the ending! Thanks! :)

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