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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ripper: Letter from Hell

This movie sounds a lot better than it actually is. I liked the premise of this movie but had to force myself to watch the whole thing.

If the premise was good, why have to force it?

The entire movie felt miscast. I couldn't handle Bruce Payne in the role he played. It just wasn't working for me, of course neither was Jurgen Prochnow or A.J. Cook. The scenes didn't feel natural, and what happened on screen felt very, very forced - as if the characters themselves had trouble getting into their characters.

Another major problem I found was the overuse of misdirection to the point that the even the audience can realize that this character probably isn't it because he/she is being spotlighted as the possible killer a little too often.

Again, I can appreciate what the movie wanted to do and tried to do, it just didn't really accomplish it. It felt like a waste of time. The movie, Urban Legend was so much better than this one.

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