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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

While some people seem to be impressed with this movie, I wasn't. Sixteen minutes in, and I found myself bored to tears. The movie only focuses on the two kidnappers and Alice Creed.

Again, this was a British film, so the physical violence was pretty tame. They kidnap her, strip her down, take photos, redress her and keep her in a dark locked room with a hood on and she cried every time took the mask off and put it back on, yet when she's supposed to do the ransom video, she doesn't even seem scared, so they feel like they have to hold a knife to her throat.

Then, after the ransom video is finished and it's the middle of the night, she's a basket case again, even if she can kick some ass. Then, a twist that is in my opinion pretty stupid, pops up to change the dynamics of the kidnapping, and then an even dumber one pops up. At this point, I just want this movie to end.

This is a British film, and again it lacks a certain edge that American films seem to have. Whether it's the musical score or what, I'm not sure, but it sure feels like something is missing from this flick.

Okay, she managed to get the guy's gun and get to a phone, yet she doesn't escape first? Seriously, I would have gone for the keys to the place and ran to a nearby house and asked them to call the police. Sheesh!

Something I just have to note here. I read a lot of the comments about this movie posted on IMDB. It appears that many of the people who don't like it seem to be from the U.S., and it appears that many people (non-U.S.) think that this movie requires a brain to enjoy. I happen to be smart and can appreciate a movie that requires thought. However, apparently I like my movies with an edge to them. This movie isn't that hard to figure out and I had a pretty good idea how it was going to end about half-way through (I didn't read the reviews until later, and those I did read didn't really give anything away anyway, lol!). I guess it's just that I've seen this storyline played out before, just in different ways, but the ending is always the same. Like I've said in some of my other reviews, there's just something about British movies that makes them so low-key and tend to lose my attention because I'm bored with the content. I understand it just fine, it's just not catchy. When I can sit in front of the computer with my attention on something else and not miss a thing - meaning my brain processed what was going on in the background while the majority was focusing on something else - a movie isn't that complex nor is it that attention grabbing.

I guess the hook really wasn't there for me. I watched this movie until the end because I was waiting to see if it got any better. Sad to say, it didn't.

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