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Monday, October 31, 2011


The premise of this movie seemed pretty cool, and thought my husband who happens to like zombie and/or survival-type movies would like it, so I added it to our Netflix cue on Roku. It was the first movie of this type I've watched this Halloween season.

Neither one of us could get into this movie. We tried, honestly we did, but it really couldn't hold our attention. It seemed to not only crawl along, but the dialogue felt so tired...or maybe it was just the octave. I find this with many British films. I'm not sure why, but something about the speech, even when someone is angry, it just feels so subdued. It's like the rage just isn't really there...strange, but that's what it felt like.

I guess maybe it was the overall lack of genuine fear on the characters' parts. A strange "plague" or airborne virus hit the town and killed most of the population. Maybe it's just me, but I'd not only be freaking out about this, especially seeing people look the way they do - almost like those suffering from the Black Death might have looked like - but I sure wouldn't want to be touching anyone walking around with blood all over them. Seriously, these people just survived something horrific in seeing practically everyone they know die, yet they're so complacent that they're willing to bring a sick person in their midst. Not only that, but no one seemed to panic when they couldn't find a pulse on the body.

Really? This person has dark blood still on her face (so you know it ain't fresh), is still wearing blood-stained clothes, isn't talking and doesn't even seem to recognize that she's surrounded by living, breathing people and no one seems scared by this? Oh, and did I mention she didn't have a pulse? That's right. One of the women who brought this girl into the safe house where survivors were congregating checked for a pulse, but couldn't find one. She mentions it with an "in passing" tone - no fear, concern or anything like that in her tone. She just states it. The men in the group get a low version of angry and want "it" gone, but nobody seems to panic at the fact this body is walking around without a pulse. Haven't any of these people seen any zombie movies of any kind?

To say I had a hard time believing the scenario in this movie is a bit of an understatement. It reminded me of this series we tried watch called Survivors. That had 12 episodes. We made it 20 minutes into episode 1 before we gave up on it. That one was just as bad, and also British in terms of characters, etc. It too seemed to miss that emotion of true fear...

That lack of fear - a crucial element to survival movies like this - is what takes away a viewer's ability to believe in the premise. In other words, the lack of fear breaks the "suspension of disbelief". That's my opinion anyway.

You can give this one a shot if slow moving movies are up your alley, but honestly, I wouldn't recommend wasting your time on it.

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