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Monday, October 31, 2011

Nowhere in Sight

I started this about this time, but finished later, after my husband was asleep. While it was pretty good, it just wouldn't have caught his interest.

Christopher Heyerdahl makes this movie as creepy as it is. Between Heyerdahl's stupendous acting as a creepy killer and Slater's awesome acting in the role of Carly Bauers, this movie ends up better than I ever would have expected.

Basically, the two men kidnap Carly because she's blind and because her uncle works in the diamond business. They figure she's got the combination to the safe - or something to that effect - and they want that info so they can steal what's in the safe.

Either she really doesn't have the code, or she's a really good liar. Whichever the right answer, she's one strong and brave woman. Sure, she's scared, but she doesn't breakdown like you'd expect. Carly does her best to keep her wits about her, and her heightened sense of hearing and smell give her a unique advantage in this story.

The "Of Mice and Men"-esque storyline that intertwines with the main plot adds something a bit more sinister to the story. I recommend this one as more of a thriller than horror, but it was a good one just the same.

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