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Sticks & Stones - The Pierces

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Seriously, make yourself some popcorn before you sit down and watch this movie because all the movie theater popcorn you see in the movie creates a strong yen for the stuff!

Basically, the movie begins with the main character, Maggie, dreaming. She interprets the dreams to be just that, dreams, and collects them to make them into a movie for her film class. From the beginning, the audience realizes that the dreams are disturbing to Maggie's mother (played by Dee Wallace), we're just not sure why, but foreshadows make it clear there's some sort of tie between Maggie's dreams and her past.

At Maggie's school, the film classes are considered extraneous and they need to raise funds so they decide to do a horror movie film festival - one night only. They choose some "old" flicks with gimmicks to them such as 3D effects, aroma-rama, etc. Kind of neat concept actually.

By this point, the movie got props just for the creativity so far, even if its age does seem to make it a bit "cheesy". I was drawn in and wanted to watch more.

As the students get ready for their festival, an old reel of a murder filmed by a cult leader believed long dead is "discovered". It turns out to be exactly what Maggie's dreams are about. Seriously creepy! She tries to explain this to the people around her, that she believes that the cult leader - Lanyard Gates - is after her. At first, everyone thinks she's overly dramatic...until the dead bodies start popping up.

Creative kill scenes and a couple very unexpected twists make this an interesting movie to watch, even if it is just once! :)

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