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Friday, October 28, 2011

Movie Time Again

It's been a bit since I've been posting. Yes, it's bad and unprofessional, but that's where the Mayhem part comes into play. I recently started to get back to my life after almost a year of continuous migraines and the inability to read, let alone use a computer. Depression wasn't so far off either. I finally shook that monster.

At the start of last October, I ventured to watch 1 scary movie a day for the entire month. I managed to watch quite a few before the continuous migraines started, but nowhere near the 31 I'd hoped for. This year, even though the fog of migraines and back pain lifted almost 2 months ago, I found myself strangely lacking the desire for scary movies I usually get.

Well, it bothered me.

A lot.

So much so that in an effort to get that desire for scare to return, I dug out as much of the Halloween decor as I could find and decorated. I also bought some new lights, including an orange bulb for our sensor light that I keep on all night. I guess the constant beam of the light was comforting. Plus, I opted to make use of the black light we had purchased years ago.

Not only that, but I finally managed to clean up the outside garden and incorporate my lovely Rocket Red Snapdragons into the decor. It's October 28th, and they're still in full bloom, with more buds ready to bloom. The deep red is such a perfect color for this time of year. If they are as hardy this year as last, they'll bloom until it snows! :D

At long last, I finally found my desire for scary movies return this past week. Thanks to Roku and Netflix, I managed to find a number of movies to fill the bill. Some were definite duds, while others were passable. In the next few days, I plan on commenting about the movies I've watched. Starting Saturday, posts will be appearing.


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