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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Clear Lake, WI

Clear Lake is an actual city in Wisconsin in Polk County. You can learn more about the actual city on Wikipedia

Whenever my state (WI) or a city within the state (e.g. Clear Lake, Milwaukee, Rome, Madison) are mentioned, I will tend to actually look up said city for location and facts. Nothing annoys me more than to find that a filmmaker or author has made up said city or area. I understand why they might do so, but seriously, if you want to encourage people to learn about towns, pick an actual town and offer viewers some actual facts about said city.

That being said, there weren't really any facts offered to the viewers about the actual city of Clear Lake, WI. They just used it because it served the purpose of being a remote location for a horror film to take place. For the most part, horror movies do use remote locations rather than large cities, unless a large city is more useful.

Clear Lake is pretty remote, but the irony about the storyline is that, according to there are no pollutants or storage tanks around, nor has it been contaminated by anything - in other words, Clear Lake is clean! :) I bring this up because the storyline is that hazardous waste made the city unlivable and many people died.

As a result, a psychopathic person (played by Michael Madsen) and basketball coach turned preacher (not legitimately a reverend, but that's what he has his followers call him once the problem starts) ends up in the position to influence some of the local teens to do his bidding.

Some critics claim the storyline is not credible or believable. However, I do find the storyline somewhat credible. Young people are impressionable, which is why you'll find that many "leaders" will recruit members as young as they can. Sure, people of all ages can be susceptible, but younger people are the most susceptible to what is considered brainwashing by cult leaders, and lets face it, that's what this movie is about, a cult leader and the aftermath.

This movie isn't as hacky/slashy as some people might prefer, but it's scary none-the-less when it's put in the right context. These kids were twisted into believing that they were the saved ones and that everyone else was "sick" or that they were the "good" guys and everyone else was "bad" and needed "saving".

You want to say it sounds unbelievable? Fine, but watch Helter Skelter (story of Charles Manson), Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones, Waco:The Rules of Engagement, fictional American History X or just simply consider the hoopla over Scientology, polygamy, etc. before making your decision, and you'll get the general idea on how the notion of a coach convincing teens to kill can be credible.

I admit that it takes awhile before the killing occurs, but it's setting up the story, as well as giving viewers foreshadowing and omens as to who the killer might be and why. This may not be the greatest movie in the world, but I thought it was decent enough. It held my attention until the end - which isn't always possible with thrillers and horror flicks - so I can honestly say I think this one is watchable.

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