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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Queen of the Damned

This time of year always requires a good vampire flick, and I have to say I prefer Stuart Townsend's Lestat better than what's out there. It's a movie I watch whenever I'm getting a hankering for a sexy but dangerous vampire.

After the much hyped Interview with a Vampire, I struggled to get into the series. While I heard great things about the books and do own quite a few of Anne's books, I have yet to read any of them.


Honest Answer:
1. Hated Tom Cruise as Lestat and he completely turned me off the series
2. Brad Pitt wasn't much of a turn on either
3. Antonio Banderas is anything but sexy
4. Kirsten Dunst while a decent actress, I wasn't sold on her part

Basically, I thought the casting sucked so bad that I wondered if the book was really going to be as bad as the movie, so I've avoided reading them. Since I know there are a few more books in the series - I have most of them - I'll complete the set if only to ensure that some day I'll read them. I'm less inclined to read them since I know that Rice gives up on that series for other ventures.

Well, when Queen of the Damned came along, it forced me to take a more objective look at the series because the movie was cast much better. I couldn't find anything disagreeable about any of it. Except for maybe I wanted more. I've wanted to see Stuart Townsend as Lestat and Vincent Perez as Marius ever since, and I strongly feel that Interview with a Vampireshould be redone with Stuart Townsend playing Lestat and Matthew Newton playing Armand. Seriously, much better actors for these roles and if you're going to choose one movie to watch, this one's one of the best! :)

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